Project of sponsoring children of armed forces
As usually presents ideas and adopts them in the real life, the NSWF - the Secretariat - and the Ministry of Defense celebrated the signature of Armed forces personnel and pensioners children sponsorship.
The ceremonies of the signature took place on 15 July 2010 in rainy nice weather full of pleasure and optimism at the Ministry of National Defense in the presence of the representative of the Minister of Defense Gen. Staff Pilot / Ahmed Ali Faki Deputy Chief of Joint Staff Corp. Lt. Gen. Staff Dr. Mohamed Al Rukabi Director of General Administration for Financial Affairs patron of the partnership, Lt. Gen. Mohiuddin Ahmed Abdullah Navy Chief of Staff, Major General Younis Mahmoud director of orientation and services department, Pro. Mohmed Abdullah Anaqrabi Secretary - General of NSWF, Professor Abdul Gadir Alfadni Secretary General of the Zakat Chamber, officers and non - commissioned officers the soldiers in service and in pension. All this began after the expansion in higher education and the need of many of the students ' families. By the combined efforts of the state, Zakat Chamber and civil society organizations NSWF is now sponsoring (284,401) male and female students in all and the states of Sudan.