How to Apply
Based on the trend of the State towards computerization of work and government procedures towards the e-government, the NSWF is heading to computerize the systems of (Student Kafala (sponsorship) – Student Loan) to provide a unified platform for providing services electronically.
Requirements of the using the system:
The NSWF system has been designed so that minimum requirements of application can be provided. For the application of the system the following must be provided:
• Computer set.
• Internet connection medium.
• Users literate with computer.
• ID and password
The student is the main beneficiary of the NSWF system, for he signs in to the homepage in the website and after the application submission he will get the service.
Sign in Screen of the System
It is the sign in screen which gives access to the student to sign in so that he can update his particulars to get the service after updating.
The student must enter the university number and his password. In the event of signing in for the first time he must enter 123 in the space of the password.

شاشة دخول النظام

Student Particulars Updating Screen
After entering the university number and the ID by the student, the below screen appears, accordingly the student gets a new password


تحديث بيانات الطال



Student's Services Screen:
This screen contained the services provided to student (Loan – Kafala (Sponsorship)- Residence) to chose the intended service.


خدمات الطالب




Applying for Kafala Screen
This screen contains the rules and provisions of Kafala, and the information of the student, his family, health condition and the information of his guardian and the enclosures required from him.
Screen of Terms & Conditions:
This screen contains the terms and conditions related to applying for Kafala.

شروط واحكام




Student Data Screen:
This screen contains the basic information of the student.
بيانات اطالب


Family data screen and health Condition

This screen is for entering the information of the student's family and his health condition.
بيانات الاسرة



The Student Guardian's Screen
This Screen is for entering the information of the guardian.

ولي الامر




Enclosures Screen
This screen is for attaching the documents required from the student. It is important not to repeat the enclosures.

Completion of the applying process:
After completing the submission of the form the message below appears to mark the completion of the submission process successfully.

اكتمال العملية






Enquiring about the application
After the completion of the submission process and signing in again, the condition of the application appears. The student can not apply more than once. The name and location of the complex is on the map as indicated on the screen below.






For enquiry: please contact the nearest residential complex or dormitory.

For downloading how to apply in the website please press here.

To sign in for applying, please press here